I’m Fasting this Ramadan ! [ Review ]


Title: I’m Fasting This Ramadan
Author: Zaneefa Zaneer
Illustrator: Afra Anas
Age: 4-7 years old
This book tells the story of Sakeena and her first time of fasting during Ramadan.
I think it can recall my memory and my first time of fasting too…^__^ always asked my mommy about the time.
This book teaches children fasting hours are long and during the day kids always get hungry and thirsty but when Iftar seems like the end of waiting and brings the moment of joy. We can teach the children the beauty of patient too.

I love the sentence that Sakeena said at the end
Fasting was not easy, but I will never ever break my fast, InshaAllah.”

Such a full self-esteem and sense 0f fasting in childhood book!

Alhamdulillah !
Here’s the sample page :

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See you again till the next book flip to the last pages !! Insha Allah



1 thought on “I’m Fasting this Ramadan ! [ Review ]”

  1. Salam Alaykoum oukhty! My son have a disease that will make him impossible to fast during the month of Ramadan; do you have some book talking about that situation for the kid?


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