Clear the Path, A Rhyme Book on Manner [ Review ]


Title: Clear the Path: A Rhyme Book on Manners for Little Muslims
Written by Hosai Mojaddidi
Illustrated by Teresa Abboud
Binding: Paperback
Page: 26 Pages
Publisher: Prolance Publisher

This book is the book about manner for Muslim Kids in rhyming style so it easy to read and proper for kids to learn from it.

I like how the picture describe the story and the style like Manga (comic strip).

Our family like to read this book together so much.

All sources from Hadith of the prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Last but not least, I think this kind of book is really proper for kids to learn the Noble Hadith with the style that appropriates for them and apply to their daily life, Insha Allah.

Grab your copy at http://prolancewriting.com/clear-the-path

Here’s the sample page :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you again till the next book flip to the last pages !! InshaAllah



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