Jasmine in the Wind [ Review ]

Jasmine in the Wind [ Book Review ]cats.jpg

  • Title : Jasmine in the Wind
  • Author : Ayesha Desai
  • Publisher : Prolance
  • Summary : ​A story of the challenges, trials, and unending optimism and strength of a young Syrian refugee. ​This story follows a young Syrian girl named Afraa and her harrowing journey to safety and freedom. Whilst she learns to love her new home, a part of her heart will always be buried in the roots of the jasmine bush outside her parent’s room window in Syria.


Review :

This booklet cause me to tear. Even in this book doesn’t have any illustration like another young-adult fiction but every word describe in this book can give me a clear illustration of the challenge that every soul and life there in Syria have facing now.

I love to read the book that seem like the author not write for me to read rather like she tell the story to me to listen like friend did. Alhamdulillah this book can do a great jobs.

I like how Afraa dealt with her new home, she grabbed every chances to learn new thing and she seized every moment to educate herself with hope for helping others. In the same time, she never forgot her homeland. The scent of Jasmine still be in her mind and I love how she plant that scent to another Syrian Refugees who never had such a memory since they were really small.

From the top of every thing, I love the poem at the last page !!

You should read, it worth your time and give you a clear and easy to understanding how the life in Syria should be faced.

It can be purchased via Amazon here.

See you again till the next book flip to the last pages !! InshaAllah




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