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Allah Al-Aleem [ Book Review]

Allah Al-Aleem [ Book Review ]



Brief Info :

  • Written by Bint Abdul Hamid
  • Illustrated by Zahra Gulraiz
  • Binding : Hard Cover
  • Publisher : Prolance Pub, USA

Brief Review :

Every once in awhile, a content in this book comes with Tawheed concept for kids that is really important and crucial in raising Muslim Kids in everyday. Allah Al-Aleem is really great book that packed with lot of vivid and colorful illustration and have some Quran Verses and Ref.

I love the idea how this book introduce the kiddos to know the name and attribute of Allah >> Al-Aleem , He knows everything even the hidden treasure or the thing hiding in your chest.

Once I have read this book to my lil’ son, he told me that it can recall his memory about his old-fav song from Zain Bhikha….Allah Knows

As all this unfolds, young readers will delight in reading with parents and learn about Tawheed in child-friendly style but still firm and correct in content.

Our Family love to read this book and hope it will be reach to every Muslim’s family since it really nice and can enlighten your day with the Names and Attribute of Allah.

Here’s the sample page :

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See you again till the next book flip to the last pages !! InshaAllah



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