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I will not clean my room [ Book Review ]

I will not clean my room [ Book Review ]


Brief info :

  • Paperback with 32 pages
  • Dimensions 203 x 203 x 2mm
  • Publication date 01 Feb 2017
  • Publisher Prolance , United States
  • English Language Book
  • Written by Saharish Arshad  & Illustrated by  Elsa Estrada


What’s the book tells us ……

Daydreamer Musa, a boy who keep dreaming instead of cleaning his room as his mommy asked him to do. He dreams a great dream of Jannah, place full of joy, toys, fun activities and top of that… need to tidy up room anymore.

But are we easily to enter Jannah without any effort for it?

The point I like most about this book !

It’s delightful book with beautiful illustrations, vivid color both cartoon characters and the story itself. I love how the boy dream about Jannah and thought that most of kids always dream such a dream as well. I like how the story teach Musa…no effort, no gain.

I read this to my young little son, he urged me to read more and more Alhamdulillah !
moreover he said to me that he will try his best to clean his room and tidy up his toy chest too but after he enter to Jannah no kind of work anymore…inshaAllah


Here’s the sample of the book that I would like to share with you

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Love how this book effect to the kids !!




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