Review : Faatimah & Ahmed : Miracles in the Desert


Review : Faatimah & Ahmed ( Miracles in the Desert)

By …. Menie

            This book is second book in the series “Faatimah & Ahmed” take after “We’re Little Muslims”. The two main characters still be the same and still adorable as always. ^_^

             This book main stories is Faatimah and Ahmed’s Farm Trip to learn more about so many animals especially camel and donkey same like the prophet’s stories. That’s the connected point that this book use for telling the Prophet’s Stories by using Ahmed to be the teller the Prophet’s Stories to his little sister, Faatimah.

          This book provide the stories of miracles of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that Allah sent down to him. Start from the light shone brightly from the sky the moment he was born and also for the miracle that happened to his foster mother, Halimah and her family in the desert.

           Halimah is the Prophet’s foster mother who nursed and breastfed him. She stay in the rural and really dried desert that no grass for her animals to eat, her donkey was very old and her camel gave no milk to her.

       With Allah’s blessing, after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stayed with her, everything was change to be better. Her donkey can moving faster and stronger, her camel gave her lot of milk and all green area was happen.

     A must book for children to every home’s bookshelf….. Don’t miss it licen


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