Review : Faatimah and Ahmed : We’re Little Muslims

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Review : Faatimah & Ahmed 


            Faatimah & Ahmed: We’re Little Muslims is a story of a young Muslim boy and girl who are brother and sister. This 2 main characters are so cute for me since the illustration and their moment when they miss each other after Ahmed’s first day at school. It’s heart-warming scene for me ^__^

            This book has been written to inspire a love of Prophet Muhammad SAW in young children’s heart by using these two main characters. Faatimah always want to play and listen to the story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Ahmed, who get all the stories from the school. Ahmed told the special story about when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born but this book is emphasis on explaining how important of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is to Muslim.

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          If your children like to listen the storybook, so I want to recommend this precious book to your teeny-tiny little girls or boys. Not only this illustration are so adorable but the story provides an informative introduction to the Prophet (SAW) and would be a good starting point for parents seeking to introduce kids to the life of the final messenger of Allah (SWT).

          The story ends with a emphasis on one of the most important aspects of our faith &  the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and encourages little Muslims to learn more about him and try hard as hard to be more like him (SAW). InshaAllah.

         The use of Arabic words and phrases are really useful and the Glossary at the end of the story is handy for those not familiar with some of the terms.

         After I read it once, it made me want to know more about the Prophet (SAW) through the stories they share. So I want to tell that I’m a fan of Faatimah and Ahmed and lookin’ forward to read the next titles in Faatimah and Ahmed Series. InshaAllah.
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Summary :
         Faatimah and Ahmed : We’re Little Muslims is a simple yet eye catching with well illustrated storybook that introduce the story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to little Muslims in a fun, attractive and age-appropriated way. Moreover this book also quick-witted encouragement to kids to follow the Phophet’s manners and practical in their lives inshaAllah.
          This book is the one of “a must” have book for every house’s bookshelf

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