Review : The Story of the Elephant

In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Kind

Today I grab the chance to review the new book that have stayed on my lil’s shelf since last 2 weeks. Alhumdulillah ! It’s such a great decision to buy this book for my son.


‘The Story of the Elephant’ from Shade7 Publisher by Hajera Memon is an Islamic children’s book  based on Surah al Feel (Chapter 105) of the Holy Quran. This claimed to be the world first Islamic Pop-up book yet I found it really brilliant and full of impression since it’s not only Pop-up but the interactive flaps, pull the tab, colouring map and press-out elephant to go along with the map for retelling the story or another purpose.

For the illustrations, it’s hand-drawn with creativity and bright in colour and it can describe the story very clearly yet still catch kid’s attention till the last page of the book. I found myself falling in love with this book and can’t resist to open and read from forth and back and forth and back again hehe ^_^

For the material, the paper is thick and glossy finish so it will durable whatever  little hands try to do with it inshAllah.


Since my son quite familiar with this surah coz I always let’s him listen this Surah during breastfeeding time and he learn the meaning by Zaky Let’s Learn Quran DVD so when I introduced him this book, it give him more in detail about Abraha’s intention for destroying Kabah and he can easily to understand it. Alhumdulillah !

To tell the true is I just know some info about the ruler who came to rule  Abyssinia is not only Abraha but Aryat as well, so since they fought till Aryat died so Abraha ruled Abyssinia by his own.


Another thing that really new for my son is the supplication in the first page  before the prologue page. He told me that he will recite this Dua everyday  since he known the meaning. InshaAllah.

For overall, I think this book is perfect and I will give it a rating of five full  stars (love it to the max). Highly recommended for readers of all ages,
especially youngsters aged and the person in my ages still found that it’s really  brilliant.


The best part that we really enjoyed and my kids really love to flip that page  again and again to play with the pull tab is The great elephant page (his name is Mahmud) instead of go ahead as Abraha’s order to destroy the Kabah, he knelt and sat down to prostration (Sujud) toward Kabah (House of Allah). Allahu  Akbar !

Hope you guys enjoy my review of this book. Alhumdulillah to have such  educational experience packed with the outstanding illustrations and splendid  pop-up and another featured to be as it claimed. The wold first-most  interactive and pop-up book. Alhumdulillah !



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