Quiet Book : Solar System

Bismillahirahmaniraheem !

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Kind.

Today I would like to share my Quiet Book for my dear son to let him explore about “Solar System”.

This “Solar System Quiet Book” I did it since last April (I mean 2015) hehe , Alhumdulillah.
but no time to update this section in my blog (So busy with another things) so I plan to managing my time, organize my life to do better both my hobbies and my fulltime job. InshaAllah.

For this Solar System Quiet Book, I made it to be 2 pages.
The first one is for learning the name of each planets and the second one is for learning how far for each planets from the Sun. Alhumdulillah

For people who ask me about materials,

All my quiet books, I use “felt” to be my main material and also another materials that I can find it around the house like snap button, velcro, bead and so on.

For Pattern, I drawn the sun by myself then put the fluffy stuff to make it be inflated and softer.




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